Ductester 350


Retroctec's Model 350X

The 350x includes even more improvements from the former Model 350.

The Model 350 is Europe’s smarter brother to the Model 340. The 350 has twice as many ranges that will measure flows down to 0.6 liters per second but will also go up to 350 liters per second to test houses by adding the optional frame package. Over 30 years of airtightness technology and design expertise have gone into making this the most flexible but also the most reasonably priced DucTester for residential and small commercial duct tests at 80, 160 and 250 Pascals. Super lightweight, easy operation, great quick guides make this the best choice for testing European ducts. Runs on any voltage from 100 to 280 Volts or for 3 hours on an optional 48 Volt Lithium Ion battery pack that weighs 3 kg.