The DM-2 is a two channel digital micro-manometer, or differential pressure gauge. It combines simple but comprehensive functionality, with intuitive controls and setup.

The DM-2 is a digital gauge that always displays the pressure on Channel A, but can display pressure measurements, calculated air flow, air changes per hour (ACH), or equivalent leakage area (EqLA) on Channel B depending on the Mode selected. The Digital Gauge Package provides all the nice to have items a first time tester will need with the DM-2.

The DM-2 can also present the measured results in a number of different units, which meet the professional standards of many different countries and testing protocols. To ensure accurate results, the DM-2 takes up to four pressure readings per second on each channel, and updates the information displayed on the screen every second.

Retrotec’s DM-2 puts the operator in command of virtually every parameter of interest to an air leakage tester. It represents a huge advance in building and envelope diagnostic instrumentation, accurately measuring airtightness for duct testing, building air leakage, and clean agent enclosure integrity testing.

  • View results extrapolated to any test pressure.
  • Automatically test buildings by entering a desired test pressure on the gauge to start the fan. As you identify and seal leaks, the fan will automatically adjust itself for the tighter enclosure.
  • Configurable menus can display or hide any mode, fan, or range to simplify use of the gauge.
  • Option to automatically zero the gauge regularly to ensure accurate readings (analog gauges required a tap on the faceplate!)
  • Automatically display time results averaged between 1 second and 2 minutes. Dramatically reduces the effect of wind and other pressure fluctuations.
  • Setting Fan Speed automatically sets the fan to run at the chosen speed.
  • Includes Baseline feature to measure and remove background pressures on Channel A for subsequent testing.
  • Preprogrammed with flow characteristics of virtually any blower door, duct tester, and the “Exhaust Fan Flow Meter” and “True Flow Air Handler Flow Meter” from TEC
  • USB Uplink allows the DM-2 Gauge to be connected to a computer for Data Acquisition, Automatic Control, or remote data monitoring.
  • Measurements are displayed in large, easy to read format.
  • Multi-Lingual support for: English, French, German, and Swedish
  • Accepts multiple battery types: Alkaline, Lithium, and Rechargeable batteries.

1 x DM-2 Gauge Package

  • DM-2 Dual Channel Digital Gauge
  • NiMH Batteries for DM-2 (Package of 4)
  • 9V DM-2 Power Supply (120V/60Hz, 240V/50Hz, or 110V/50Hz)
  • Formal calibration of DM-2
  • Gauge Calibration Verification Report