6120 Hard Panel Blower Door System

Most Professional Looking System for Residential & Small Commercial

Incredibly rapid set up and professional appearance of this Retrotec exclusive hard panel system make it very popular among all the top building science companies. Multi-story buildings typically require only one or two high power fans per floor.

Who uses it?

Energy Auditors, HVAC Contractors, Building Contractors & Remodelers, Home Inspectors

Included Items

  • 1 x DM32 WiFi Digital Gauge Package
  • DM32 WiFi Dual Channel Color Touchscreen Manometer
  • USB Cable, 6′ (1.8 m)
  • Cat5 Cable, 7′ (2 m) Blue
  • DM32 USB Charging Module (120V/60Hz, 240V/50Hz, or 110V/50Hz)
  • DM32 Software Suite (Virtual Gauge, DM32 Configurator, Data Logger, and DM32 USB driver)
  • Gauge Case
  • DM32 Magnetic Clip
  • ISO17025 calibration of DM32
  • Gauge Calibration Verification Report