3M™ Fire Barrier Wrap Ultra GS


Fire Barrier Wrap Ultra GS

Our 3M™ Fire Barrier Wrap Ultra GS is a quick, cost-effective firestop for non-metallic pipe, insulated pipe and combo penetrations in fire-rated wall, floor and floor/ceiling assemblies. This graphite-based intumescent firestop blocks flame, heat and toxic by-products of combustion. Rolled strip is easily cut to size and the flexible material conforms even to irregular-shaped penetrations.
Expanding Firestop Material for Non-Metallic Pipe Penetrations
Engineered specifically as a firestop suitable even for plastic and other non-metallic pipe penetration systems, our 3M™ Fire Barrier Wrap Ultra GS is fire-rated up to 4 hours in tested and listed systems and meets ASTM E814 (UL 1479) performance standards for exposure to flame, heat and water. It features a largely inorganic intumescent graphite-based construction that expands when heated to deliver excellent thermal insulation, prevent heat transfer and provide a cold smoke seal during and after a fire.

Recommended Application
20mm uPVC conduits in solid walls, with or without optic fibre. 

A Firestop that Keeps Saving
3M™ Fire Barrier Wrap Ultra GS firestop material is also very versatile and flexible: technicians simply roll it out and cut as much material as required using common tools. The conformable material wraps easily around the penetrant, saving time and labor. It is designed for excellent weatherability against temperature and humidity, and is re-enterable to save added time and material costs after installation.

  • Graphite-based firestop is intumescent for thermal insulation and cold smoke seal
  • Excellent flexibility for easier installation to through-penetration systems
  • Easily rolled out, cut and shaped with common tools
  • Re-enterable material saves time and money after installation
  • Firestop tested up to 4 hours in accordance with ASTM E 814 (UL 1479)